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Employing the concept
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Guangzhou Nanda pay more attention to the value and role of talent, focus on building human resources development system, and through training, management training plan, employee occupation development channel for people to create a good platform for career development.
Talent view
Will work well is valuable,
People who can solve problems and guide others to solve problems are more valuable,
People who anticipate problems and avoid problems are the most valuable.
Interpretation: the ability to solve problems is an important indicator to measure the quality of cadres.
View of using human
Take Germany as the first, professional oriented, passionate and enterprising, the pursuit of excellence;
Integrity of professional, simple and pragmatic, team work, passion thanksgiving;
Initiative and dedication, the pursuit of excellence.
Interpretation: the virtuous and talented person, the enterprise will always pay attention to, will be given more opportunities, will give greater promotion and career platform.
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